What Is Routine Car Maintenance: A Must Know For Every Car Owner

routine car maintenance

Your car is more than a machine. It is an investment, and ensuring that it is well-scheduled for routine maintenance is very important. Your vehicle runs errands and takes care of your mobility needs. Apart from refuelling steadily, conducting routine car maintenance is another way your car gets all the attention it needs.

The Key areas for regular vehicle maintenance

Oil Change

This is the most vital maintenance check for most cars and buses. Every vehicle engine should be properly lubricated to avoid internal friction and other massive problems. We recommend you change your motor oil after 3000 miles or every five months, depending on which comes first.

Fluid Refill

Are you aware that your car uses several fluids to operate? Changing these fluids routinely helps you get rid of all contamination. A technician does a fluid flush which entails draining and refilling of coolants, brake fluid, power steering, transmission fluid, and many other critical speciality systems in the car.


It is a much smaller servicing wear worn out parts are replaced to improve drivability. This tune-up may include installing a new battery, replacing spark plugs, or tires.

At Mecho, we have created a seamless vehicle maintenance plan with technology and manpower. Getting routine maintenance is easy, affordable, and convenient. You get to enjoy scheduled maintenance by simply downloading our App and subscribing to a regular service plan. This gives you easy access to reliable technicians, expert servicing, and full support.

routine car maintenance

Why do you need routine car maintenance?

To increase your Safety

The last thing you want to experience when travelling on a lonely road is a car breakdown. You are far from towns and cities, so getting access to a mechanic might be challenging. Regular car checks and maintenance will help you avert unforeseen incidents like brake failure or loose belts that put your life at risk.

To Reduce fuel cost

With the current rate of fuel per litre, you will agree that fuel cost is much more expensive. Ensuring that your car is in good condition means you should expect 4% to 40% more gas mileage. This saves you some extra cash.

To increase the resale values

Your car depreciates as it gets older, just as clothes fade. But, good maintenance helps to boost the resale value and keep the vehicle’s selling points intact. If you plan to sell your car in the future, start protecting it from now.

To save time

Imagine hurrying to work and your car breaking down in traffic. Then, you begin to struggle to get a mechanic to fix your vehicle. At this stage, you only have the option of taking a public bus or ordering a cab. Even after work, you may still spend more hours rectifying the same auto repair issues.

To improve drivability

With all the tyres, plugs, screws, and bolts intact, driving becomes easier and faster. You’ll enjoy easy mobility and convenience.

We have a large team of qualified and experienced mechanics and technicians with a great passion for maintaining a healthy car.

Interestingly, we also have subscription plans for regular car servicing. So you don’t have to worry about searching for an experienced mechanic and spending hours at the workshop.

At Mecho, we are your best car doctors!

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