Why is diesel car maintenance high?

diesel car maintenance

Your diesel car maintenance is important to prevent unwanted breakdowns and increase your safety on the road. Proper car maintenance is no child’s play. The air, fuel and oil filters, coolant, and oil need to be frequently changed. You must also avoid using substandard oil. There are routine practices best left to professionals to handle than a non-specialist.

Honestly, it involves a lot. These requirements accumulate and take a toll on your purse. It takes more if you’re using a diesel car. The cost of diesel car maintenance is significantly high, and it could leave a burning hole in your pocket.

If you have wondered why maintenance of diesel cars come at a high cost, here’s everything you need to know.

Why do diesel cars have a high cost of maintenance?

1. Complex Construction

Firstly, diesel engines have a very complex construction. Diesel engines do not operate on spark plugs. They rely solely on compression to ignite the fuel. Because of this, the component generate high forces. This causes diesel cars to undergo excessive wear and tear, leaving them more prone to damage, therefore, increasing their need for frequent preventative maintenance.

Diesel engines also use lesser fuel and have a low-end torque, providing a much better driving experience. They have high-pressure pumps and diesel injectors. The parts and high precision components used to build diesel cars to function this way are usually expensive, so maintenance and spare parts replacement are also expensive. This is what makes the overall cost of diesel car servicing high.

2. Heavy Engines

Diesel engines are generally heavy. The compression ratio of a diesel engine is high because diesel, as a fuel, has a high flashpoint (the temperature at which it ignites). The high compression required by diesel engines to burn fuel produces high vibrations. Therefore, a heavier/denser metal is needed to construct diesel engines to provide stability. This makes the diesel engine more powerful, but heavy metals translate into higher diesel car maintenance costs.

3. Combustion

The high compression required by diesel engines to produce a lot of heat in the diesel engine also wears it down. A diesel engine uses turbocharging to increase internal combustion engine efficiency, but a turbocharger can create extremely high heat in the engine. The nature of combustion in diesel engines also causes the maintenance cost of diesel cars to be on the high side.

diesel car maintenance

4. Consumables

The consumables like engine oil used in diesel cars are also more expensive. Due to the heaviness of diesel, diesel cars use a lot of oil. Not only are you buying more expensive engine oil, but you’re also buying a relatively large quantity. This adds to the cost of maintenance of diesel cars.

Many factors come into play, making the cost of diesel car servicing high. If you have a diesel car, you may be tempted to cut corners. Don’t do that. Irregular diesel car maintenance increases the chances of a breakdown, and the cost of repair is even more than the cost of diesel car servicing.

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