5 Best Gift Ideas For Car Owners

gift ideas for car owners

’Tis the season of love, gift, and happiness. Do you have a friend or lover who owns a car? Deciding the best gift for such a person can be exhausting. Here’s is what makes it easy. Instead of you strolling from stall to store or scrolling through lots of websites, look through this article make a choice. We have a full list of the 5 best gift ideas for car owners.

­­­­­­­­Honestly, no one can say no to these gifts, especially the first one.

gift ideas for car owners

1. Discounted Vehicle Maintenance plan

This gift is coming first because it doesn’t cost you anything just a small interesting message to go with it. The discounted vehicle maintenance plan is a plug to Mecho Autotech’s routine vehicle maintenance at a whopping 15% discount. It contains 4 times scheduled vehicle servicing and free diagnostic service that protects the health of your vehicle for the coming year. Giving this plug to a friend means that you hope to help them reduce their mobility stress in the coming year. Simply send a sweet message including the landing page link or help your friend fill in his/her details on the page.

2. Car Vacuum

Everyone loves a spotlessly detailed car and no care wash skill is complete without a vacuum cleaner. So, you can never go wrong with this gift. It is a complete set that can fit into your car trunk and be useful whenever there is an unexpected mess. The vacuum can be plugged into the car’s 12V power port and also function well on wet or dry mess between your trips. It has different nozzle sizes that can fit into all hard-to-reach places in your car’s interior.

gift ideas for car owners

3. Car Air Freshener

Here is another low-cost gift idea. You can get a retro player car air freshener or hanging car freshener. Carefully pick a perfect fragrance the person will love. If your company is gifting colleagues, you can get a branded car air freshener. You could also customer the freshener with a message of love and best wishes.

4. Wireless Car Charger Cup

This gift helps to ensure and safe and distraction-free driving. A phone holder and charger that effortlessly charges your phone on the go will always come in handy during long trips. It is compatible with most iPhone and Android models. You only need to plug the power port into your car’s power socket.

gift ideas for car owners

5. Dash Cam

This is a 4k Ultra camera that records up to 2160p resolution. It records a loop and also captures video when it detects a bump, or collision, the camera has a night vision capability, motion detector and about 150-lens degree wide-angle lens to reduce blind spots. This gift will ignite full excitement for car owners. You can try it!

These are carefully selected gift ideas for car owners this season. They all come in handy during long trips and family getaways. Before choosing a gift consider the person’s preference and taste. Also, think of your budget and don’t go out of your way.

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